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It’s Election Time. Give Employees Time Off to Vote

By Employment Law

According to Georgia Code 21-2-404, employers must allow up to two hours of time off for employees to vote within any municipal, county, state or federal political party primary or election where they are qualified and registered to vote. Employers are not required to provide paid time off. In the instance where polls are open for two consecutive hours before or after the employee’s work shift, time off does not need to be granted. Learn…

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For Tip Credit, Employers Must be Transparent with Employees

By Employment Law, Payroll

Employers with employees who receive part of their compensation in the form of tips must provide oral or written notice to their employees that they are taking a tip credit. With the understanding that most tipped employees make up the difference of the minimum wage of $7.25/hour through tips, employers are allowed to use the “tip credit” to pay employees $2.13/hour. An employer who fails to provide the required information to their employee cannot use…

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New, Easy Forgiveness for PPP Loans of $50,000 or Less

By Employment News, News

To provide financial and administrative relief to America’s smallest businesses, the U.S. Small Business Administration, in consultation with the Treasury Department, finally released a simpler loan forgiveness application exclusively for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans of $50,000 or less. Approval of PPP forgiveness applications and remittance of payments to PPP lenders for PPP borrowers began on October 2, 2020. Visit: for more details, instructions and to download the forgiveness application.

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Thinking of Starting a New Business? MarathonHR Can Help in More Ways than One

By Benefits & Insurance, Payroll, Policies and Procedures, Productivity

As entrepreneurialism is trending, it’s an exciting time for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). Due to the present economic climate, many professionals are leaving large companies to start their own. Whether it’s a new client opening their first business or an existing client opening their second or third, we’re seeing a resurgence of startups in just the last few months. But with the thrill of opening one’s own doors also comes a whole host…

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Understanding Reporting Requirements for Employers Under the ACA

By Affordable Care Act, Benefits & Insurance

As established by the ACA in 2015, certain employers are required to report to the IRS whether they offered health coverage to their employees and information about the coverage provided. Employers report this on the 1094/1095 series of forms and must also furnish the information to their employees by January 31, 2021. Under the employer shared responsibility provisions of section 4980H, the information reported is used to determine if an employer is potentially liable for…

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New IRS Guidance Allows for a Payroll Tax Holiday: Should Your Employees Participate?

By Employment News, Payroll, Withholding Taxes

  The IRS issued Notice 2020-65 on August 28, allowing employers to suspend withholding of employees’ Social Security payroll taxes as part of COVID-19 relief. The IRS is essentially giving employees a loan to try and help them through a tough period but it remains to be seen whether those employees who often live paycheck to paycheck will be able to afford to repay the loan, through a doubling of their payroll deductions next spring….

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New Georgia Lactation Law Requires Paid Breaks

By Employment Law, Employment News, Uncategorized

Georgia passed HB 1090 on August 5, 2020, which requires employers to provide reasonable break time to working mothers who desire to express breast milk at their worksite during working hours. The new law also requires employers to provide working mothers with a private location, other than a restroom, where they can express milk. And in contrast to existing Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), it requires that the lactation breaks be paid at the…

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Application of the CDC’s 6-15-48 Methodology for Determining Exposure In and Out of the Workplace

By Best Practices, Sick Leave

With the opening of schools and the re-opening of some businesses – not to mention all of the opportunities that folks had for exposure over this past Labor Day holiday weekend – an uptick in COVID infections may be part of the September forecast. As such, we thought it prudent to revisit some of the CDC guidelines first shared at the beginning of the summer and try to provide some clarification around how to legally…

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What You Need to Know About Filing Yet Another New Form 941 for Q3

By Payroll, Withholding Taxes

The IRS plans to publish the newest version of the Form 941-X in late September. The new Form will allow for corrections to the new lines added to the Quarter 2 Form 941 and allow for reporting related to the new Payroll Tax Holiday. Juggling the multitude of changes in these forms in 2020 is proving difficult for employers. While we’re waiting for the final version of the new forms to be published, it’s critical…

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Preparing for PPP Loan Forgiveness

By Employment News, News

As many of the businesses who applied for and were granted PPP loans have since exhausted their funds, we’re beginning to receive calls from diligent accounting professionals and controllers requesting assistance documenting their spend. Simultaneously, we’re beginning to hear from banks that they will be opening their doors to loan forgiveness applicants very soon. Here’s the rub: very few if any banks have clearly spelled out what they want to see in their loan forgiveness…

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