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There’s An App for That: Vaccine Trackers for Employers

By Policies and Procedures, Risk Management & Safety

Without a national vaccine mandate and new guidance on when to wear a mask, employers can feel left in the dark when it comes to managing a workforce migrating back to the office. We’ve recently provided insight on employer mandated vaccination, and your right to require vaccinations and/or proof of vaccination, but the documentation and privacy aspects can be overwhelming. As more states look to establishing health passports to support daily business and international travel,…

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Key Questions to Ask When Checking References

By Hiring

Reference checks or employment verification can provide valuable insight when considering a candidate. The key is knowing what to ask, and how to spot red flags. Start by creating a list of standardized questions so you can evaluate each candidate equally. Some organizations limit what they will share when verifying employment, we recommend focusing on the topics below: The start and end dates of employment. The last job title held by the employee. The ending…

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COVID-19 Protocols Still Crucial in the Workplace

By Best Practices, Policies and Procedures

As social activities and travel pick back up this summer, businesses and employees are becoming increasingly lax regarding established COVID-19 protocols. But with only 67% of the population receiving at least one dose of vaccine, are we taking two steps forward and three steps backward? An increase in COVID rates could be on the horizon. While we all can enjoy getting back to “normal,” we would be remiss to forget the valuable lessons learned last…

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Combat Burnout and Retain Valuable Workers with Sustainable Relief Options

By Employee Retention, Employment News

More than a year after the start of the pandemic, the nation is overjoyed to see a return to normalcy and social interactions. However, employers are finding more and more employees suffering from burnout than ever and the costs may be high. Front-line and essential workers were hit hard over the last year, working increased hours in stressful situations while the rest of the world seemed to watch from the safety of home. Now that…

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Businesses Hopeful as More States End Extended Unemployment Benefits

By Employment News, Hiring

Georgia businesses breathed a sigh of relief as the state joined others in ending extended federal pandemic unemployment benefits on June 27, 2021. At least 26 states are either planning to end or have already ended the weekly $300 federal unemployment benefit before its September expiration date. As of June 24, almost 93,000 Georgians received extended benefits through the PEUC program. It is too early to say whether reducing unemployment benefits has improved current staffing…

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Keep Your Best Employees Content with Professional Development

By Employee Engagement, Employee Retention

In order to keep their business competitive, today’s employers need to invest in professional development of the employees they have, if they want to keep them, else they may find themselves competing for new talent in a pool where skill shortages drive costs and limit replacement options. It’s widely known that employees with ready access to professional development opportunities with their current employer boast greater productivity rates and lower turnover. Development programs not only allow…

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Responding to Requests for Employment Verification: How Much Should You Share?

By Best Practices

As an employer with any track record of hiring, you’re bound to get calls requesting employment verification for past employees. Before you begin fielding these calls, it’s important to designate a person on your staff to accept these calls as well as have a protocol in place for what you will and will not provide as part of an employment verification. Inside most organizations, responsibility for employment verification falls to the HR Manager or the…

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Help Your Employees Avoid Heat Related Illness

By OSHA Regulations

While the daily high temperatures on May 31 were below normal in most parts of the country this year, it was nonetheless recognized as the National Heat Awareness Day and for good measure. As Memorial Day Weekend is celebrated as the official start of summer for many, it also represents a time where there is an increased risk for workers who routinely perform their duties outdoors. Best practices for protecting your workers from heat related…

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Tips for Preparing Your New Hire Checklist

By Best Practices, Hiring

As with any task worth doing well, having a predefined checklist in place before getting started assures a more accurate and consistent outcome. If your business doesn’t already have a new hire checklist in place, now would be a good time to create one – so that you’re prepared before your next hire. Let’s start out with forms. For Georgia hires, new hires will need to complete a W-4 (for federal employee withholding), a G-4…

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Forming and Following an Employment Document Retention Strategy

By Hiring, Recordkeeping, Recruiting

Your employment documentation strategy needs to address the people you hire as well as the ones that you don’t hire. Each organization should maintain a hiring file of documents generated during the recruiting and evaluation process for each position on your staff. A thorough hiring file should include the following items: Job postings Applications and resumes received Any communications with a recruiter, if one was used Interview notes Reference checks Evaluation and assessment results Applicant…

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