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MarathonHR provides professional services to help you manage your company’s human resource needs

Now more than ever, managing the complexities of retail human resources staff is a cumbersome task that, if improperly handled, can leave a company exposed to financial risk, legal penalties and loss of reputation. Staying abreast of continually updated Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Department of Labor and Affordable Care Act guidelines alone makes human resources an extreme burden for all but the largest retail companies.

With MarathonHR at a retailer’s side, both floor management and back-office personnel have a partner that will assume the onerous burdens of compliance and risk management, recordkeeping, payroll and benefits administration. MarathonHR specializes in providing support for companies with multiple locations and complex and fluctuating staff levels.

Benefits of retaining MarathonHR for HR management include:

  • Payroll experts that can calculate and process complex payroll, including integrating data from multiple locations.
  • Deep expertise in, and support, for complex HR administration including shifting allocations of salaried and hourly; part-time and full-time employees.
  • A ready-to-use employee handbook, fully updated on a regular basis with the latest forms and recommendations, as well as regular updates on changing federal and state regulations.
  • Wide variety of competitively priced, medical, dental and supplemental insurance plans, retirement plans and Section 125 plans that can be tailored to the retailer’s particular needs.
  • Your personal “watchdog” that will help ensure compliance with current HR regulations and requirements affecting the retail industry.
  • Fewer errors and more efficient addressing of claims and other actions to minimize risk.
  • An on-demand team of legal eagles that come to your aid when legal proceedings—from workers’ compensation claims to discrimination lawsuits—are unavoidable.

Over the long term, having a strong, efficient HR system will also save you money and de-stress your back office team. More than that, it will protect and enhance your company reputation and its financial position, which results in more loyal customers and better-quality employees.*

*The Kenexa Research Institute’s WorkTrends™ report found that company reputation is the #2 reason retail workers choose a firm.

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