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Today’s Time Clocks Do So Much More than Simple Time Tracking

Gone are the day of legacy manual timeclocks when arrival and departure time was literally stamped onto a paper timecard. Today’s time and attendance tracking solutions take advantage of the technical aptitude of your employees as well as the technology investments already made by your business for data collection that includes time and attendance, scheduling and distribution of labor.

With MarathonHR your business can choose from a variety of timekeeping systems from physical biometric timeclocks to mobile and web-based apps.

Select the Time Clock that Best Fits Your Needs

Biometric Time Clocks Use Leading Edge Technology to Ensure Employee Integrity Today

Biometric Time Clocks employ personally identifiable features like a fingerprint, a retina scan, a palm print or a vein to allow employees to clock in and clock out with something only they have.

  • Biometric Time Clocks prevent “buddy punching”; employee can’t clock in or out for someone else.
  • Biometric Time Clock eliminate “I lost it” as an excuse for delinquency or absenteeism; employees don’t have to keep up with timecard or remember a unique ID and password.

Biometric time clock

Web-based Time Clocks Allow Employees to Clock-In When and Where They Work

  • Web-based time clocks provide convenient, intuitive and precise timecard entry every time employees work.
  • Web-based time clocks allow employers to view when and where work starts/stops.
  • The data collected by web-based time clocks can be accessed and viewed by employee, employer and your payroll provider, MarathonHR, from anywhere at any time.
  • All assigned parties can manage the time clock to ensure accurate time punches and quickly correct errors.

Web-based time clock

Timekeeping via Mobile App May be Perfect for Your Mobile Workforce

  • Time tracking via mobile app is ideal for full-time remote employees and those that travel for business.
  • Clocking in via mobile app utilizes something the employee already possesses to authenticate reporting.
  • Mobile time tracking systems leverage the GPS coordinates of the device to confirm location where work is performed.

Mobile app time clock

Time Clocks Ease Compliance with Federal Record Keeping Requirements

Under the terms of the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), Employers are required to maintain 14 different types of employee records ranging from hours worked to overtime and cumulative wages earned. Multiply this by hundreds of employees over the minimum of three years required record keeping and businesses could potentially have a mountain of historical info to archive.

Timeclocks simplify not only time tracking but also recordkeeping by:

  • Streamlining and automating record keeping
  • Preserving data electronically; no paper files to manage
  • Diminishing human error in time entry accounting with comprehensive software and safeguards

All of these time tracking systems are fully integrated with MarathonHR’s payroll software allowing businesses to easily export data into our payroll system. Request your demo to see how easy they are to use.


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