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Tax Considerations for Christmas Bonuses

By Payroll, Tips
This time of year, many employers like to reward their employees with Christmas bonuses. While this gesture is usually enthusiastically received by employees, they’re often surprised at the amount of taxes that are withheld. The IRS includes bonuses on its list of wage payments that are treated as supplemental wages instead of regular wages. Assuming that you’re not paying your employees more than $1 million each in bonuses, the withholding rate is 22%. Bonuses are…
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On-Call Pay and Waiting to be Engaged

By Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL), HR
Some businesses may have employees who must be on-call to work if needed – emergency personnel, service technicians and medical professionals come to mind. Even though they’re not actively working while waiting to be engaged, they’re still committing their time to being available. If an employee has a job that ends at 11 am and another job starting at 2 pm, is the time between jobs compensable? What about employees who are on call during…
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Remind Your Employees to Update W-4s Before Year-End

By Payroll
At year-end, it’s important for employees to update their W-4 forms to make sure their tax withholding is correct. Who Should Update Their Withholding? Employees may benefit from double-checking their withholding if they haven’t looked at their paystubs or made any withholding changes in a while. In general, they may want to adjust withholdings if they: Got married or divorced. Had a child. Bought a home. Received raises or bonuses since the previous tax season.…
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Make Sure Employees Have Correct Address on W-2

By IRS, Payroll
It’s always a good idea to remind employees to report a change in mailing address, especially if they are remote workers who may not have regular face-to-face contact with their human resource department. In an environment where employees increasingly receive employment and personal financial information digitally, they may forget to report a change in physical address to their employers. Having the correct mailing address on file helps employers make sure that workers receive payroll and…
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Revisit Your Recordkeeping Requirements

By Legal, Payroll
It’s good practice to periodically revisit recordkeeping requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Every employer covered by the FLSA must keep certain payroll records for each covered, nonexempt worker. It’s in an employer’s best interest to keep as much detailed information as possible to demonstrate compliance with the FLSA’s provisions regarding minimum wage, overtime, equal pay and child labor. At a minimum, each employer must retain: Payroll records, collective bargaining agreements, and sales…
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Now is the Time to Change W-4 Tax Withholding

By Payroll
At year-end, it’s important for employees to revisit their tax withholding to make sure it’s correct. There’s still time to make adjustments and avoid unpleasant surprises come tax season. If an employee has claimed exemption from withholding and had zero federal income tax deducted, he or she must have a current Form W-4 on file. A W-4 claiming exemption from withholding is only valid for one calendar year, so employees with zero withholding must submit…
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IRS Issues Guidance on Catch-Up Contributions

The SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 contained several provisions aimed at helping Americans amp up their retirement savings. One area of focus centered on expanding “older” workers’ (those age 50+) ability to make catch-up contributions to their employer-sponsored retirement plans. IRS Announces Two-Year Transition Period for Higher Wage Earners SECURE 2.0 caused some concern and confusion for higher wage earners regarding catch-up contributions. Beginning in 2024, workers earning more than $145,000 per year who wish…
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Personal Problems Can Affect Job Performance

We all sometimes struggle to maintain work/life balance, but when an employee’s personal problems start to interfere with their job performance, it becomes a problem for everyone. Poor mental health and stress can affect physical functioning on the job, productivity and engagement with coworkers and clients. In addition, depression and other mental illnesses are associated with higher rates of disability and unemployment. Signs That Employees May Be Struggling with Personal Problems To recognize when an…
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Latest I-9 Form Went into Effect November 1

By I-9 Documents
On November 1, 2023, a new Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification went into effect. What Employers Need to Know About the New I-9 Employers must make sure they’re using the new version that has an 08/01/23 edition date. The edition date is located on the bottom left of the form and instructions. Employers must stop using prior versions of the I-9 after October 31, 2023. Versions older than the 08/01/23 edition date will be obsolete…
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MarathonHR Welcomes Kate Radde

By Employee Engagement, HR
We are pleased to welcome Kate Radde to the MarathonHR team. As our Business Development Manager, she will identify market opportunities and drive new business growth for MarathonHR as she supports the strategic planning process. She will also be focused on maintaining positive and supportive relationships with our current customers. Before joining MarathonHR, Kate managed a marketing team focused on customer retention and worked as a communications specialist for a firm dedicated to helping its…
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