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Closing Out the Year

By Benefits & Insurance, Best Practices, Employment Law, Hiring

As you’re wrapping up the year, I’m sure you’re making your end-of-year to-do list and checking it twice. There are numerous HR tasks to manage and strategies to consider at the year’s end. Affordable Care Act compliance and reporting, preparation for compliance with new state or federal regulations, succession planning and compensation strategies are just a handful of items on the larger list of year-end activities. It can certainly be overwhelming, but the more organized…

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How Do I Pay a Deceased Employee?

By Best Practices

Paying a deceased employee is a topic that comes up occasionally. Recently, I had a client inquire about the issue and then I was speaking with a colleague who works in marketing and she has had two clients pass away suddenly, leaving significant implications for their families and the companies they worked for. My first take away is the importance of encouraging all of your employees to prepare for their own death in terms of…

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FLSA Delay

By Employment Law, Employment News

As you may have heard, there has been a delay in the implementation of the long awaited increase in the wage test for exemption from overtime.  At this point, there is uncertainty as to what will happen in the future, but I personally feel it is unlikely that this change is going away completely. With that being said, we have several options: If you have not yet implemented any changes, your procrastination has paid off….

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How Engaged Are Your Employees, Really?

By Employee Engagement, Employee Retention

As 2016 comes to a close, we continue to focus on a top HR trend – employee engagement. Employee engagement is the relationship between an organization and its employee. Research reveals that 79% of businesses are worried about engagement and only 13% of employees are considered “engaged.” The president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Henry Jackson, wrote a column a few months ago about job satisfaction and employee engagement. In…

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Time is Up on Implementing Overtime Regulations

By Employment Law, Employment News

The Department of Labor’s (DOL) new overtime regulations go into effect in just a couple of weeks – December 1, 2016, which we’ve discussed many times over the past six months: Countdown to FLSA Compliance Focus on the FLSA Staying on Top of Overtime Overtime Overhaul To qualify for exemption, employees must meet two “tests” – a wage test and a duties test. In order for an exemption to apply, an employee’s duties and wages…

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Reducing Work-Related Motor Vehicle Incidents

By Risk Management & Safety

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and injury for all ages. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA): Every 12 minutes someone dies in a motor vehicle crash Every 10 seconds an injury occurs Every 5 seconds a crash occurs Many of these incidents occur during the workday or during the commute to and from work. Employers bear the cost for injuries that occur both…

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Productivity Primer

By News

I recently came across a book on called “The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy” by Chris Bailey. It prompted to me to look at my own effectiveness and assess what’s working and where I could improve. Here are the things I learned to increase my productivity: Rule of 3 – Bailey talks about starting each day with the question, “By the time today is done, what three main things…

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Perks That Work

By Employee Retention, News

What are the “perks” that work to boost employee morale at your company? Namely, an HR platform, reports that paid time off garners the highest return on investment with employees. I find it a little funny that snacks are more valuable to employees than employee recognition, but free food is an amazing sociological phenomenon. Pass the pretzels!

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Questioning What is Reasonable

By Employment Law, Employment News, News

We are seeing more Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claims lately, which shine a light on the gray area of “what is a reasonable accommodation?” If an employee cannot perform their job duties because of a non-work related medical issue, the employer should try to find a position within the employee’s skill set and comfort level. The key is identifying reasonable accommodations for the employee and avoiding undue hardship on the employer. Take ADA claims…

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