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Human Resources for physicians and medical providers

Medical practices face the same challenges of any small business, with the added burden of HIPAA compliance and recordkeeping, Affordable Care Act headaches, and more. For these firms, MarathonHR alleviates the responsibility of payroll, benefits administration, human resources administration and compliance, safety compliance, and risk management, letting doctors and other medical providers focus on what is most important–patient outcomes.

Benefits of retaining MarathonHR include:

  • Work with a payroll expert that can calculate and process complex payroll, including integrating data from multiple doctors in different offices and paying out of multiple-practice bank accounts.
  • Gain access to a ready-to-use employee handbook, fully updated on a regular basis with the latest forms and recommendations.
  • Connect with a company that offers (and manages) a comprehensive palette of medical, dental and supplemental insurance plans, retirement plans and Section 125 plans at competitive rates.
  • Eliminate the stress of worrying about staying up to date with current HR regulations as they relate to the medical industry.

Enjoy on-demand consulting with legal experts for human resources-related concerns.

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