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Upgrade to time-saving payroll technologies without the corresponding cost

At MarathonHR, we have implemented advanced technologies to streamline payroll and timekeeping efficiency for our clients. We provide access to a variety of web-based solutions and can even pay employees via email. Yet, our pricing is competitive with providers that do not offer these enhanced services.

Web-based Timekeeping: A simple, intuitive interface lets every employee clock in and out at any workstation in your office using his or her User ID and password. The system tracks and aggregates hours by employee and automatically uploads it to our secure servers, where management can review and sign off quickly before releasing the time to the payroll system for payment. This approach eliminates time-consuming, paper-based documentation, reduces the hours required to calculate payroll and automatically archives data to comply with the FLSA’s recordkeeping requirements.

Web-based Payroll Distribution: You can track—and even distribute— payroll payments via the web. Employees who opt for direct deposit (another service included in our plans) can log into a secure portal and see or print their payroll stubs. Employees can even request email notification of their deposits.

State-of-the-Art Solutions: Employees and management can use mobile devices to log in and out, upload and review time, and more. With our optional biometrics system, personnel can “punch in and out” with their fingertips, ensuring 100% positive identification of employees.

In addition to these advanced technologies, our payroll plans include:

  • Preparation and delivery of employee checks and related payroll reports
  • On time payment of all payroll taxes
  • Preparation and distribution of all W-2s at year-end
  • Direct deposit
  • Reporting of new hires to the State as required by law
  • E-verify, if applicable
  • Administration of all wage garnishments and make timely deductions and payments
  • Tracking vacation and sick time
  • Creation of ad hoc reports as required

With MarathonHR as your payroll provider, you’ll enjoy data-enhanced synergies that facilitate benefits management, provide support for safety and FSLA compliance, and drive efficiency and productivity in all areas.

Payroll recordkeeping can be complicated.
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