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Boomerang Employees Learn that the Grass Isn’t Greener Elsewhere

By Employee Retention

This year, the so-called ‘Great Resignation’ made headlines, highlighting the trend of employees leaving their jobs in search of better pay, more flexible work arrangements and a host of other desired attributes in an ‘ideal’ employer. However, we are now seeing that employees who left for greener pastures are finding that the grass isn’t always greener with another company or organization. These individuals are sometimes referred to as ‘boomerang employees,’ and they could be the…

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Why We Take a Break from Labor in September

By Holidays

Every September, Americans look forward to a long weekend and a day off from work for our beloved “end of summer” holiday: Labor Day. This day was created to celebrate the American worker and the trade and labor groups that support them. Observance of the Labor Day holiday evolved over a period of years, but most historians agree that the true start of Labor Day ties back to a parade and picnic that took place…

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Individual Coverage HRAs Gain Appeal Among Employers

By Benefits & Insurance, Employee Retention, Employment News

The recent U.S. Senate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act extended subsidies for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by another three years. In other words, the ACA is here to stay. How the ACA affects small businesses The ACA established the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) for small employers (generally those with 1–50 employees) who want to provide health and dental coverage to their employees. Under SHOP, employers can decide between…

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Remote Workers Do Not Necessarily Qualify as Independent Contractors

By Employment Law

As many companies have expanded their workforces to include out-of-state employees and others working from remote locations, it’s tempting for some employers to consider those employees independent contractors instead of full-time employees. After all, keeping a worker off the payroll may potentially save an employer money on payroll taxes, benefits and other labor costs. However, as we have seen recently in the state of Georgia, labor authorities are taking a closer look at these arrangements…

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Georgia Law Imposes Penalties for Improper Employee Classification

By Employment Law, Employment News

Georgia’s new Act 809 (H.B. 389), effective July 1, 2022, seeks to tighten the distinction between employees and independent contractors. By expanding the definition of employee, more workers will be able to claim unemployment benefits. Act 809 changes the definition of employment to include any services an individual performs for wages, which would apply to most workers. Act 809 classifies workers as contractors only if they are autonomous and unrestricted in the performance of services….

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Know Your Youth Labor Laws

By Employment Law

Younger workers – those under the age of 18 – can be a great source of workplace talent for employers. They’re energetic, creative and, for the most part, flexible if you can work around their academic and extracurricular commitments. If you’re thinking of hiring youth labor for your business, you’ll need to be mindful that most states have their own rules about employing young workers. In addition, some states have different minimum wage requirements. When…

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Final Paycheck Laws Differ by State

By Payroll

When an employee leaves a job for any reason, the employer must follow applicable laws governing how quickly to issue the last paycheck. While federal law does not require employers to issue the final paycheck immediately, some states may require immediate payment. In addition, some states have different final paycheck deadlines depending upon the reason for the employee leaving (i.e., employees who quit vs. being fired or laid off.) In MarathonHR’s primary states of operation…

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The Pros and Cons of Unlimited PTO

By Best Practices, Payroll, Policies and Procedures

Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) may sound too good to be true, but it’s one of the latest tactics that employers are using to attract new employees. With unlimited PTO, employees may take off as much time as they wish – for vacation or anything else – as long as they can get their work done and company business isn’t disrupted. The policy can be great for recruiting. A new survey of 2,000 workers by…

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What’s the Latest Protocol for COVID-19?

By Best Practices, COVID-19, Policies and Procedures

It appears that COVID-19 is here to stay; in fact, variants continue to evolve, with BA.5 (part of the Omicron family) the latest that is causing waves of infection globally. Employers must remain vigilant regarding employee health and safety related to COVID-19 exposure and infection. It was recently reported that OHSA extended its COVID-19 National Emphasis Program (NEP), which focuses on how hospitals and skilled nursing care facilities treat or handle COVID-19 patients. Following an…

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Legal and Practical Concerns of Hiring Remote Employees

By Best Practices, Policies and Procedures, Remote Working

Remote work arrangements are fast becoming a ‘new normal’ embraced by both employers and employees. While employees enjoy increased flexibility and less time commuting, employers can save money on office space and widen their talent pools. However, employers should ensure that their workplace policies consider certain aspects of remote work. These include security, work classifications, hours, wages, safety, posting of required notices and more. We’ll begin by looking at some of the privacy and security…

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