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End of COVID-19 Temporary Policy for Expired List B Identity Documents

By COVID-19, Employment Law

The Department of Homeland Security is ending its COVID-19 Temporary Policy for List B Identity Documents. Starting May 1, 2022, employers may only accept unexpired List B documents. The temporary policy allowed employers to accept expired forms of List B identity documents, such as driver’s licenses, state and military ID cards, and voter registration cards, in response to the difficulties with renewing documents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that barriers to renewal are largely gone,…

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Calculate Your Business’s Unemployment Numbers Correctly to Avoid Claims and Tax Problems

By Employment Law, Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment relief available through federal and state governments during the pandemic didn’t require employers to file claims against their unemployment insurance. However, those relief measures ended last year, and pre-pandemic protocols and procedures resumed. We’ve observed that improper management of departing staff and unemployment claims over the past two years is now causing problems for some businesses. Inaccurate employment records Employers pay for Unemployment Insurance as a business cost through the State Unemployment Tax Act…

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Connecting Employees to Your Mission

By Best Practices, Corporate culture, Employee Engagement, Employee Retention

In its 2021 Global Human Capital Trends report, global consultancy Deloitte says that while the pandemic strained and tested the worker-employer relationship, “Thriving in an uncertain future depends on having a compelling vision for where that relationship should go.” Defining purpose for your business When articulating your business’s purpose, it may be helpful to think about your company’s mission, vision and values. According to SHRM, a mission statement is a concise explanation of an organization’s…

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Stay Compliant with Your Wage and Hour Practices

By Best Practices, Employment Law, Payroll

To stay compliant with federal and state labor laws, employers must have systems in place to accurately capture hours worked and payroll records showing that employees were appropriately compensated for those hours. MarathonHR can counsel you on the optimal classification for an employee. One client recently needed guidance on whether a marketing hire should be exempt or nonexempt since the position required working varied hours, including some weekends and evenings. We reminded them that salaried…

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What Will Woo Employees Back to the Workplace?

By Corporate culture, Employee Retention, Recruiting

Working from home sounds great to many employees, and the pandemic has taught us that being physically present in an office isn’t always necessary. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that among those who are currently working from home all or most of the time, 78% say they’d like to continue to do so after pandemic precautions end. Some employees are finding, however, that they miss the camaraderie of their colleagues and the structure…

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What Guidelines Does OSHA Offer on Mask Use?

By Best Practices, COVID-19, OSHA Regulations

A client approached me recently about updating their company’s employee handbook to include COVID prevention policies. Specifically, we looked at whether or not OSHA has requirements on mask usage in the workplace. OSHA does not have a specific mask policy that applies to all businesses. However, here are some principles that businesses should keep in mind when creating their workplace policies. Safety first In the context of COVID, OSHA says that its guidance is advisory…

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Streamline Collecting Time and Attendance Data

By Payroll, Recordkeeping

MarathonHR’s automated tools help clients manage their human resources processes, including collecting time and attendance data. Web-based time clocks allow employers to collect precise timecard entries, as well as view when and where the work starts and stops. Swipeclock is one such tool that we’ve been using with good success. The data collected by web-based time clocks can be accessed and viewed by employees, the employer and MarathonHR at any time. It’s especially helpful for…

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The Importance of Having a Progressive Disciplinary Procedure

By Policies and Procedures

When an employee repeatedly fails to follow company policy, do you have a progressive disciplinary procedure in place to address the situation? Explain basic work rules in your employee handbook Every business should articulate its basic work rules in an employee handbook. These policies govern the conduct and performance of employees such as absences, tardiness, substance abuse, insubordination and theft. The handbook should be clear about the consequences for violating basic work rules and state…

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Attracting a Diverse Workforce has a Significant Payoff

By Best Practices, Hiring

After a recent McKinsey study found that ethnically diverse companies outperform nondiverse companies by 35%, human resources professionals are taking a closer look at their hiring practices to ensure that they’re recruiting from a broader range of talent. A report from WayUp identifies common barriers to locating and attracting diverse candidates. Eliminating GPA requirements. GPA rarely correlates to the ability to perform a job. Candidates from lower income backgrounds often find themselves working long hours…

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The Vaccine Mandate is Dead. Now What?

By COVID-19, Vaccine Mandates

After months of speculation and legal challenges, the federal vaccine mandate for employers who have 100 employees or more that went into effect on January 10, 2022 (the “OSHA mandate”), was blocked by the Supreme Court on January 13. The Court did, however, uphold the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare’s (CMS) vaccine mandate for employees of healthcare providers that accept Medicaid or Medicare. What happens next? Businesses covered by the OSHA mandate are no longer…

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