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When Do School Closures Qualify for EFLMEA

By Employment Law, FMLA

With another round of school closures prominent in local media, employees who are not able to work from home may be turning to their employers to inquire about their eligibility for paid leave. As we mentioned in an earlier article, requirements outlined in the Emergency Family Medical Leave Expansion Act (EFMLEA) expired December 31 with FCCRA but for employers who voluntarily offer benefits through March 31, there is still a tax deduction available. Why you…

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Guidelines for Protecting Your Business When Workers Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

By Best Practices

Last year we shared best practices from the CDC about how to minimize risk associated with persons who had been exposed. As we continue to receive calls from concerned business owners almost daily, we wanted revisit the current and always evolving recommendations. In addition to this simple to understand graphic above, we’re encouraging clients to go right to the source and download the current Georgia Department of Public Health Quarantine Guidance:

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How the Consolidated Appropriations Act Changed EPSL and EFLMA for 2021

By Employment Law, FMLA, Sick Leave

Although most of the benefits associated with Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) passed last March expired on December 31, 2020, many of the COVID-19 related issues it was created to address still exist. Employers should note that when the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) was passed on December 27, 2020, it did not extend the employers’ obligation to provide employees with emergency paid sick leave or emergency family and medical leave, but it did extend…

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Protect Your Business from HR Pitfalls with Our Checklist for 2021

By Best Practices, Employment Law, Hiring, Policies and Procedures, Record-keeping, Recordkeeping

A smart way to start the fiscal year is to incorporate a self-evaluation of your organization’s compliance with state and federal labor laws. This simple checklist should serve as a great starting point. A few basic areas of exploration should include: For Current Employees: Do you have an employee handbook? If so, does your handbook address the following policies: At-will employment policy, nondiscrimination policy, sexual harassment policy and confidential information policy? If your business has…

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How to Use MarathonHR Client 2.0 on a Mobile Phone

By Payroll

To further support small and medium-sized businesses with their workforce management, MarathonHR’s Client 2.0 portal is an employee self-service tool to access work records such as: Paycheck Contact information Work calendar Timesheet Training records Leave of absences In Client 2.0, employees can also: Record expenses Clock in and out Request PTO Enroll in benefits Watch our short video for a tutorial on how to use Client 2.0 from your mobile device.

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Should Employers Require That Employees Get the COVID Vaccine?

By Employment News, News

According to preliminary research reported back in September, approximately 90% of the US population remains susceptible to the novel coronavirus. CDC Director Robert Redfield also said that to reach herd immunity (when enough of the population is immune to prevent outbreaks), immunity rates must reach 60-80%. For more information from this Senate hearing, check out this link. While this information isn’t surprising, businesses are trying to figure out their place in the vaccine flood expected…

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Multiple Employer 401(k) Plans save small to medium-sized companies money

By Benefits & Insurance, Employee Retention, News

MarathonHR offers a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) 401(k) for small and medium-sized businesses looking to save money on their retirement plans. A Multiple Employer Plan allows two or more unrelated companies to collaborate to offer their employees a 401(k) retirement plan. Recently, MarathonHR has changed the Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan provider to bring better value to all our customers.  As a reminder, all MarathonHR clients are eligible to participate in our Multiple Employer Plan together….

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Make Sure W-2s Find Employees at Their New Mailing Address

By Payroll

In an environment where employees increasingly receive all employment and even personal financial information digitally, they oft overlook reporting a change in physical address to their employers. We know this year that a great many workers took advantage of work from home (WFH) policies and made their vacation address their permanent address. We hope that they will get to enjoy the better views from their WFH environments for as long as possible but at the…

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Now is the Time for Every Employee to Double Check their Withholding

By Payroll, Withholding Taxes

Although November is always a good time to revisit your tax withholding each year, it is especially appropriate this year for employees who may have you experienced major changes in their income due to furloughs or layoffs, or received a stimulus payment under the CARES Act. The IRS calls these Paycheck Checkups and conveniently provides a tool for taxpayers to use to help determine whether they are having the right amount of tax withheld from…

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Facial Recognition Time Clocks Maintain Healthy Workplace

By Payroll, Technology in the Workplace

Biometric time clocks that use fingerprints, iris scanners or hand readers are wildly popular with organizations intent on ensuring accurate timekeeping of on-site employees. Since the advent of the pandemic, many businesses are changing the way they manage employee time and attendance including how their employees punch in and out for work. With enhanced protocols for hygiene in the workplace, employers are looking for touchless, contact-free solutions to help protect the health and safety of…

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