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MarathonHR Alleviates HR Headaches and Lets Restaurants Focus on the Business of Dining

For many restaurants, a high turnover rate – as high as 150% – isn’t unusual. Often, workers finish school or move on to other opportunities and, sometimes, they’re just not able to meet expectations. In addition to hiring and firing, MarathonHR offers solutions for many of the human resources challenges that restaurants face including:

  • HR administration – MarathonHR handles the complete HR process for you from when an employee comes into your restaurant business, what they do – right and wrong – while they work for you and how to part ways at the end of their employment.
  • Background screening – We help you ensure that your employees are a good fit for your restaurant by verifying previous employment, drug and alcohol testing, checking any criminal history and confirming they are legal to work.
  • Payroll – MarathonHR streamlines payroll and timekeeping efficiency for our clients. We can prepare and deliver employee paychecks and make timely payment of all payroll taxes on your behalf. We can coordinate direct deposit for staff and administer all wage garnishments and deductions. MarathonHR also prepares and distributes W-2s at the end of the year.
  • Health care coverage (including the Affordable Care Act) – MarathonHR helps navigate the often confusing and time-consuming health care coverage component of human resources. We stay on top of changing legislation and how it impacts restaurants large and small.
  • Workers’ compensation – We handle all workers’ compensation claims and disputes including reviewing medical bills on all claims. Accidents happen and we help you prepare for when they do.
  • Unemployment claims – MarathonHR has a winning record when it comes to managing unemployment claims. We guide you through establishing and enforcing policies regarding on-the-job behavior and what you should say to workers when you terminate them.
  • Employee handbooks – We help restaurants with procedural documents and keep them up-to-date.
  • Compliance – We can help you with the alphabet soup of labor law compliance such as FLSA, IRCA, OSHA, FMLA and ADA. MarathonHR also offers advice and administration of wage and hour compliance.

MarathonHR specializes in providing HR support for restaurants with an understanding of the complexities that come along with the restaurant industry such as managing a large part-time workforce. From hiring and payroll to workers compensation and termination, MarathonHR is your “soup-to-nuts” partner.

Having a strong HR support system behind you will save your restaurant time and money. Additionally, it will protect your restaurant’s reputation, which results in loyal customers and attracts quality employees.

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