When Employees Quit Unexpectedly, Do You Know Why?

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Per a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, more employees are voluntarily leaving their jobs than at almost any other time this millennium. When an employee quits – especially if the individual was a valued contributor – or the person “ghosts” the firm (stops showing up with no notice), employers can feel confused and betrayed. If the organization has invested resources in the employee, such as training, the loss can be financial, as well….

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The Top Recruiting Trend of 2016

By Recruiting

The hiring needs of our nation’s companies don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon if you look at current economic indicators. Forecasts for the remainder of the year are bullish and many believe the hiring increase will continue into 2017. Given the competitive recruiting environment and a tightening labor market, companies need to give specific thought to how they go about increasing headcount. Of all the recruiting trends out there – from technology…

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