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Planning for New Hires in the New Year?

By January 5, 2022December 16th, 2022Recruiting

Onboarding a New EmployeeIf you’re planning to expand your team now or in the future, it’s absolutely necessary to ensure that all of the proper legal paperwork is in place.

Whether your new hires are onsite, remote, out-of-state or a mixture of all three, you will want to stay on top of mandatory forms and recordkeeping.

Top three forms required for new hires

  1. W-4 (or W-9) form. The W-4 form allows the employee to determine how much money for federal taxes they want withheld from their paycheck. Contract employees need to fill out a W-9 form for this purpose. This form is a top priority so that the first paycheck can be generated with the correct withholdings.
  2. I-9 form. This form is used to verify an employee’s identity and eligibility to work within the United States; it should be completed on the first day of employment. The employee must provide identification documents for the employer to physically examine and keep a copy of.
  3. State tax withholding form. Many states require a separate form for withholding state income tax. Check your state’s employment laws to see what tax forms are required.

Other onboarding forms

  • Employee benefits. These forms help your new employee sign up for company benefits for which they are eligible.
  • Direct deposit. If your employee is interested in having their paycheck deposited directly into their banking account, they’ll need to fill out a direct deposit form and provide their bank’s routing information.
  • Internal forms. Depending on your business, this may include non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, employee handbook acknowledgment, drug test consent agreements, post-offer pre-employment medical questionnaires, confidentiality agreements and others.
  • Emergency contacts. Every organization should collect emergency contact information for each employee, including their relatives or friends who can be reached in the event of an emergency and their primary care physician.

Need help compiling your new employee packet? From W-4s and W-9s to direct deposit forms, MarathonHR has you covered. Contact us at any time for assistance in onboarding your new employees.

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