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Visible Changes in Form 941 due to CARES, FFCRA and EFMLA

By FMLA, Payroll, Sick Leave, Withholding Taxes

Required filings of IRS Form 941 looked a little bit different for employers this quarter due to changes in Form 941 for COVID-19 related employment tax creds and other tax relief. IRS Form 941 is the employer’s quarterly payroll tax report. Forms are due on the last day of the month following the end of the quarter meaning that forms submitted on July 31, 2020, were the first to reflect tax changes made as part…

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Nifty COVID-19 Employment Litigation Tracker

By Employment Law, FMLA, Sick Leave, Workplace Injuries

Employees are taking their employers to task for a myriad of COVID-19 related employment and workplace issues. With 463 lawsuits filed thus far this year, it comes as no surprise that population dense states like California, Florida and New Jersey lead the way in terms of number of lawsuits filed. (Meanwhile only seven have been recorded in Georgia.) This handy Employment Litigation Tracker, published by Fisher Phillips, tracks and allows users to pivot on one…

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What’s Involved in Allowing Your Employees to Work from Home Forever?

By Corporate culture, Withholding Taxes, Workers' Compensation

When Facebook, Twitter and others made the announcement that they were going to allow their employees to work from home forever, there was much interest from workers and employers across the country as to whether or not they could practically adopt the same approach. With the extension of Stay-at-Home orders inching through the summer, some employees are already making the hop to more comfortable digs in adjoining cities and towns. But before you allow your…

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Spring Cleaning? Be Sure to Maintain Appropriate Recordkeeping

By Recordkeeping

It is not only individuals who professed to getting their Marie Kondo mojo going and furiously cleaning out their spare rooms, garages and closets. Many businesses chose to use recent downtime to clean-up their workspace and their records, too. Before you round file those important HR timekeeping documents, you might want to take a moment to refresh your memory of the proper record keeping requirements as outlined by the Department of Labor: Each employer shall…

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Screen Staff Daily for COVID Symptoms

By Best Practices

While no system is foolproof, among the best practices businesses are adopting are routine daily screenings of your workforce at time of business entry. Amazon hired an army of personnel whose sole responsibility was to take temperatures and survey staff about symptoms. Short of hiring staff for this hopefully short-term requirement, how should savvy business owners prepare? It is commonly accepted that there are three simple questions to address each individual: Do you have a…

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Georgia COVID-19 Pandemic Business Safety Act Awaits Governor’s Signature

By Employment Law, News

On June 26, the Georgia legislature passed the much-anticipated law extending the liability protection provided to healthcare institutions, facilities and workers in the Governor’s Executive Orders dated April 14, 2020, to most all Georgia businesses. Except in cases of “gross negligence, willful and wanton misconduct, reckless infliction of harm or intentional infliction of harm,” the legislation allows business to provide notification to individuals entering their premises that the individual and not the business are responsible…

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Appropriate Workplace Precautions After an Outbreak

By News

Businesses who have lost productivity or been forced to cease operations due to a positive COVID-19 test among their employees are going to be particularly cautious about return to work procedures and protocols for receiving guests. Employees, vendors, customers and guests may find themselves faced with seemingly arduous requirements. While it is far from our position to tell you how much is enough, as each individual situation is unique, there are some practical realities worth…

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When Body Temperature Is Not the Best Indicator of Health

By Corporate culture, News

It has been a rough spring and although the weather is warming, the promise of a better summer has yet to be made. Whether your business closed briefly, adopted a temporary work from home (WFH) model or maintained business as usual (BAU) throughout the epidemic – the health crisis, the economy and the protests are taking a mental toll on your workers. Now might be a good time to gauge the temperature and disposition of…

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Screening Potential Employees for Healthy Practices

By Hiring, News

Interviewing is challenging enough but in an era of social distancing, how best to evaluate candidates and still maintain proper distance can be difficult. Increasingly the first and sometimes the second interview is conducted via phone or video conferencing but ultimately employers may want to see a candidate in the flesh. Some creativity may be required to find a place that is both suitable for interviewing and comfortable for both candidate and employer. Instead of…

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