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Rescreening Employees Protects Your Business from Unnecessary Risks

Manager re-screening employeesAs an employer, you may require a rigorous pre-employment screening process for a new hire. However, if you’re not regularly rescreening employees throughout their employment, you may be putting both personnel and the company at risk.

Routine Workplace Screening is a Must
Employers, particularly those with employees in field-based roles or jobs subject to injury, want to protect themselves from risky behavior. For example, if you have an employee driving a company car, you need to know if they have a DUI or a suspended license. If you’re a firm that manages people’s money, you don’t want to employ someone accused or convicted of fraud.

Background check services can investigate criminal activity in all fifty states, as well as provide motor vehicle and driving records, international records, credit scores, and verification of personal or professional qualifications and references. Fraudulent resumes are an example of another liability that can create significant headaches for employers, including damage to the company’s reputation and accusations of negligence. Employers have a legal responsibility to make sure that they hire trustworthy people who can interact well with the public and other employees.

Regular Drug and Alcohol Testing is Important
MarathonHR also believes that employers cannot overlook the importance of drug testing. Not only does substance use affect productivity; it creates significant safety concerns and liabilities for the company.

All employers should re-evaluate their policies and procedures to include routine and mandatory drug and alcohol screening. Selective screening could be construed as discriminatory; therefore, it’s best to require screening of all personnel, regardless of job title. A written policy signed by employees is always a good idea, and this information can be incorporated into your employee handbook.

MarathonHR Can Provide Pre- and Post-Employment Screening Services
MarathonHR offers an array of pre-employment screening services for our clients and can provide rescreening services as necessary. Again, screening should not be limited to new hires. A consistent rescreening process can unearth potential problems before they become major liabilities.

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