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technology in the workplace

Stop Technology from Disrupting Your Workplace

By Best Practices, Policies and Procedures, Technology in the Workplace

For the past several decades, experts have talked about the “disruptive” nature of technology to change, for the better, the way companies run their operations. However, with the use of digital technologies becoming as common in offices as desktop computers, these disruptions aren’t always positive. To prevent technology from becoming a detriment to the work environment, shrewd business leaders can enact policies and procedures to manage the flow of information through their company. Personal Technology…

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Is It Time to Retire Your Mechanical Time Clock?

By Payroll, Recordkeeping, Uncategorized

“Punching the clock” has long been a euphemism for “going to work,” since it comes from the practice of personnel “punching in” by sliding timecards into a mechanical device. Salaried employees may not need to “punch in and out,” but for hourly employees, it’s the only way to measure their time and ensure they are paid accordingly. However, older mechanical time clocks aren’t always accurate and are susceptible to “buddy punching.” Additionally, processing their time…

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Make Technology Work for You

By Benefits & Insurance, Best Practices, Employee Engagement, Technology in the Workplace, Uncategorized

In our last article, we offered strategies for managing personal technology use at work. Employee use (or abuse) of technology in the workplace, while detrimental, is not the only concern for business leaders. Firms must also help workers better manage their time using technology for valid business purposes, both inside and outside the office. Here’s a bit more practical advice. Help Workers Help Themselves: Many office workers report that the volume of business email and…

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