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Updating Your Standard Phone Screen Questions

By April 15, 2021December 16th, 2022Recruiting

Much like everything else in your business, hiring looks different in the spring of 2021. Once routine practices for screening employee candidates before you brought them in for the first real interview may need revisiting.

While some businesses have maintained an entirely remote workforce and others have returned to a safe but socially distanced office, there is yet another group of businesses with a hybrid approach operating somewhere in between. This patchwork of operations makes for a confusing ground for both employers and employees considering where work may be completed in the future. While you may not have a 100% complete plan today, most businesses have a vision of where their work will occur later in 2021 and into 2022 and that needs to be advertised when hiring.

If you’re not already screening candidates for their availability to adopt your planned workplace and workspace in the future, you may be saddled with disappointment on both sides. It’s time to add the necessary screening questions now to assure conformity down the path.

“Do you have reliable transportation to get to work?” needs to be accompanied by an estimate of when and an explanation of where work will occur followed by an inquiry about their availability to participate, i.e., “When we re-open our offices in Q3, duties related to this position will need to be completed at our office in [your location]. Does that meet with your expectations?”

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