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Businesses Shouldn’t Bear Costs When Switching Payroll Systems

By November 11, 2022November 29th, 2022Payroll

Computerized Payroll

Switching from one payroll software or provider to another is a major decision that can have a significant impact on a company and its employees if not handled correctly.

When it comes to the cost of changing payroll systems, the burden should really be on the software or payroll provider to make the transition as seamless as possible for the employer. Migrations that don’t go well can result in:

  • Lost productivity. When migrating from one payroll system software to another, even large payroll providers sometimes don’t migrate data efficiently. In some cases, employees are asked to re-enroll themselves and re-enter their personal information in a new system. There is a significant cost to the business when employees spend valuable work time completing these tasks, and there are greater risks for errors when information must be keyed in again.
  • Payroll errors that hurt employees. After a health system in California migrated to a new payroll system in August, workers at two separate healthcare groups reported paycheck errors, including incorrect wages, missing hours, unpaid bonuses and timekeeping discrepancies. Some nurses didn’t get paid at all. In these situations, the employer often must spend additional time and money to rectify the situation.

MarathonHR takes a more personalized approach to helping you with payroll services, including switching payroll software. One benefit of working with a provider of our size is our ability to offer hands-on service and training. As one example, we recently welcomed a new client who had no software in place, and we were able to create onboarding packets to help enroll the staff. This helped with both data accuracy and staff transition to a new system.

If you are considering switching payroll software providers, we can help you make a more seamless transition.

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