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Keep Your Best Employees Content with Professional Development

By Employee Engagement, Employee Retention

In order to keep their business competitive, today’s employers need to invest in professional development of the employees they have, if they want to keep them, else they may find themselves competing for new talent in a pool where skill shortages drive costs and limit replacement options. It’s widely known that employees with ready access to professional development opportunities with their current employer boast greater productivity rates and lower turnover. Development programs not only allow…

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Responding to Requests for Employment Verification: How Much Should You Share?

By Best Practices

As an employer with any track record of hiring, you’re bound to get calls requesting employment verification for past employees. Before you begin fielding these calls, it’s important to designate a person on your staff to accept these calls as well as have a protocol in place for what you will and will not provide as part of an employment verification. Inside most organizations, responsibility for employment verification falls to the HR Manager or the…

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Help Your Employees Avoid Heat Related Illness

By OSHA Regulations

While the daily high temperatures on May 31 were below normal in most parts of the country this year, it was nonetheless recognized as the National Heat Awareness Day and for good measure. As Memorial Day Weekend is celebrated as the official start of summer for many, it also represents a time where there is an increased risk for workers who routinely perform their duties outdoors. Best practices for protecting your workers from heat related…

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Tips for Preparing Your New Hire Checklist

By Best Practices, Hiring

As with any task worth doing well, having a predefined checklist in place before getting started assures a more accurate and consistent outcome. If your business doesn’t already have a new hire checklist in place, now would be a good time to create one – so that you’re prepared before your next hire. Let’s start out with forms. For Georgia hires, new hires will need to complete a W-4 (for federal employee withholding), a G-4…

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Forming and Following an Employment Document Retention Strategy

By Hiring, Recordkeeping, Recruiting

Your employment documentation strategy needs to address the people you hire as well as the ones that you don’t hire. Each organization should maintain a hiring file of documents generated during the recruiting and evaluation process for each position on your staff. A thorough hiring file should include the following items: Job postings Applications and resumes received Any communications with a recruiter, if one was used Interview notes Reference checks Evaluation and assessment results Applicant…

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The Emergency Use Authorization Doesn’t Skirt Employer Mandates for Vaccination

By Policies and Procedures

We’ve already shared guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regarding employer’s ability to require vaccine immunization of their workers without violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title VII or other federal anti-discrimination laws. Now that workers are returning to the workplace and hiring is picking up, employers are finding themselves faced with employees and candidates trying to use the Emergency Use Authorization as an opt-out for such mandates. Some misinterpretation comes into…

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A Free Tesla is One Way to Get Employees Back to the Office

By Corporate culture

With vaccination rates on the rise and infections rates thankfully falling in most parts of the country, business owners are starting to rethink their 100% work from home (WFH) strategy and encourage employees to come back to the office. Whether it is for increased productivity, more opportunities for collaboration, enhanced security or even training, employers faced with a multitude of reasons why they want to get the band back together again are wrestling with the…

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American Rescue Plan Allows SMBs Tax Credits for Offering Sick Leave to Employees for Vaccinations and Recovery

By Sick Leave

As part of President Biden’s announcement on April 21 that he expected to meet his goal of 200 million shots administered in the first 100 days of his administration, he put a call out to employers encouraging them “to do everything they can to help their employees – and their communities – get vaccinated.” He went on to advocate that “providing paid time off for vaccinations is an investment in the safety, productivity and health…

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Make Sure You’re Ready for Truly Remote Employees

By Hiring

When nearly every business who was able adopted a work from home policy in 2020, employees began to reconsider where they lived while employers simultaneously began to wonder if they could expand the allowable geography for evaluating new candidates. Fast forward into 2021 where the news is filled with stories about businesses who allowed their staff to relocate to warmer and cheaper locales and many employers are beginning to ask: does it really matter from…

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Updating Your Standard Phone Screen Questions

By Hiring, Recruiting

Much like everything else in your business, hiring looks different in the spring of 2021. Once routine practices for screening employee candidates before you brought them in for the first real interview may need revisiting. While some businesses have maintained an entirely remote workforce and others have returned to a safe but socially distanced office, there is yet another group of businesses with a hybrid approach operating somewhere in between. This patchwork of operations makes…

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