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Streamline Collecting Time and Attendance Data

By February 23, 2022December 16th, 2022Legal

Time and Attendance Data Collection

MarathonHR’s automated tools help clients manage their human resources processes, including collecting time and attendance data.

Web-based time clocks allow employers to collect precise timecard entries, as well as view when and where the work starts and stops. Swipeclock is one such tool that we’ve been using with good success.

The data collected by web-based time clocks can be accessed and viewed by employees, the employer and MarathonHR at any time. It’s especially helpful for employers who have remote employees or employees assigned to multiple locations.

Web-based features can be accessed from the employee’s desktop or from a convenient app on their phones. The app can also provide GPS coordinates to confirm or track work locations and is especially handy for employees who are traveling or working in the field.

Biometric time clocks employ personally identifiable features like a fingerprint, a retina scan, a palm print or a vein to allow employees to clock in and clock out with something only they have. Employees don’t have to remember a unique ID or password and are only able to clock in or out for themselves.

Both types of time clocks offer several other benefits to employers:


If you have hourly employees, digital timekeeping is the most accurate way to measure their time and ensure they are paid accordingly. Manual timecards are labor-intensive and can be prone to human error; automation makes it easy for employees to record their time and for employers to view and collect the information. All assigned parties can manage the time clock to ensure accurate time punches and quickly correct errors.


By law, employers are required to maintain certain employee records pertaining to time and wages. Digital time clocks greatly streamline recordkeeping and the need to maintain paper files.

 Integration with payroll functions

Our web-based and mobile time clocks are integrated with MarathonHR’s payroll software, which expedites payroll processing and simplifies work for accounting personnel.

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