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Papers, Papers Everywhere

By March 18, 2015December 16th, 2022Legal

Every year, the mishandling of confidential documents costs companies millions of dollars in liability. The State of Georgia has potential fines of up to $10,000 for businesses that mismanage confidential information. All businesses have information that needs to be destroyed, according to Peg Hussing, owner of Alpharetta-based EcoShredding, Inc., including customer lists, pricing, contracts, banking information and HR documents such as employment applications and payroll.

Ecoshredding TruckAs a business owner, it is your responsibility to safeguard your employees’ and your clients’ private information. EcoShredding can securely destroy the sensitive documents you have around your office. All shredding is done on site and disposed of at a paper recycling facility, reducing your corporate environmental footprint. It is important that you hire a shredding company that doesn’t take any actual documents off site. Once those papers are out of your view, you don’t know what could happen to them and cannot be sure that they were even shredded. EcoShredding allows you to watch the shredding process on our truck at your location.

The EcoShredding method also ensures that someone could not piece a document back together, unlike smaller, commercial shredders, which only cross cut. With EcoShredding, there is no possibility of identity theft. You also don’t need to remove staples, paper clips, and the like as you would if you were hand shredding. Additionally, shredding your own documents is not the best use of your employee’s time at $10 per hour or more. And, if you are asking employees to shred documents, you have violated confidentiality since they obviously have to handle the paper you’ve asked them to shred. They just might read it before destroying it.

EcoShredding is an affordable, environmentally friendly and secure mobile document destruction service. They are locally owned and operated. Call them at 770-490-5607 to clear the unnecessary paper from your office quickly. As a courtesy to Marathon HR friends and clients, EcoShredding is offering a 10% discount on services through the end of April 2015. Just mention Marathon HR when you call.

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