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Is Your Playbook Updated?

By September 1, 2014December 16th, 2022Legal

In honor of the start of football season, we wanted to remind our customer that successfully running a business, like coaching a football team, requires leading the team with a well-defined set of rules and responsibilities. And, as with football, for every play you run, all players should know and embrace their roles and carry a shared goal of success.

In small companies where everyone pitches in, this analogy may be not be fully relevant. However, as a business grows, it becomes increasingly important for the owner and company management to help all workers understand corporate and job performance expectations. It’s equally crucial to have mechanisms for recourse when employees fail to meet those expectations.

While a quarterback or a linebacker may know what his roles are, businesses must codify them for employees through job descriptions. These are pivotal to effectively managing employee performance, conducting reviews, determining bonuses, pay increases, and special perks, and all other aspects of an employee’s lifecycle within your firm. It’s said that you cannot manage what you can’t measure. You also can’t measure what you haven’t codified in writing.

Before you watch another football game this weekend, review your company “playbook” and ensure employee roles and responsibilities are comprehensive and unambiguous. If you need help developing them, give us a call at (678) 208-2802.

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