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Generating W-2s—Make Sure They Are Accurate

By November 15, 2014December 16th, 2022Legal

It’s amazing how many employees move or experience significant changes in their living circumstances without telling their employers. Now is the time to reach out to current and former employees and ensure you have correct addresses for sending W-2s. Marathon always mails its clients’ W-2s in time for personnel to receive them by the deadline, but we need correct addresses to achieve that goal. The US Postal Service only forwards mail for six months unless the person who moved takes action to extend it.

It’s also an appropriate time to see if personnel wish to update their withholding allowances, filing status, additional withholding amounts and other wage-related parameters for 2015. Some employers also offer their workers a withholding review and a handful even offer to withhold an additional amount from their last paycheck of the year, to increase their tax withheld if they didn’t pay enough taxes during 2014. However, this is an “above and beyond” service that is completely optional.

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