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What’s in a Job Title?

By March 17, 2016December 16th, 2022HR

Despite a continued focus on job titles at work, what you call a position doesn’t matter. What is of much greater importance is the job description. As a trend years ago, companies would elevate job titles to make people feel better. You could be dubbed the Intergalactic Executive in Charge of Office Aesthetics as your days are spent cleaning floors. Would an extravagant title make you do your job better on a daily basis?

The most important thing that business owners and managers need to be aware of is creating appropriate job descriptions to accompany job titles so there is a clear understanding of the expectations and authority given the role. Small businesses also need to build flexibility into the job descriptions since there will undoubtedly be times when employees may need to step outside of their job description with an attitude of helping wherever needed.

At the end of the day, your employees hand out a business card with your logo and their title on it – not their job description. So, titles merit consideration in terms of what the outside world perceives about your company and the respective employee. However, internally, the focus should be on effectively crafting job descriptions that accurately reflect the duties and responsibilities of the position.

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