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Tips for Preparing Your New Hire Checklist

By June 2, 2021December 16th, 2022HR, Recruiting

New Hire Checklist

As with any task worth doing well, having a predefined checklist in place before getting started assures a more accurate and consistent outcome. If your business doesn’t already have a new hire checklist in place, now would be a good time to create one – so that you’re prepared before your next hire.

Let’s start out with forms. For Georgia hires, new hires will need to complete a W-4 (for federal employee withholding), a G-4 (for state employee withholding) and an I-9 (for verification of identity and authorization to work in the U.S.). Your checklist should include instructions on how to complete these forms.

Next, you’ll need to report new hires reported to the state and may be required to verify work eligibility through E-Verify.

From the employee, you’ll want to collect contact information, emergency contact information and a signed Direct Deposit Authorization agreement if your company issues compensation that way.

If the employee will be driving in the course of their employment, you’ll need to collect evidence of insurance. And for those same employees, you’ll likely need a policy in place for annual checks of their driving records.

Then there are several “acknowledgments” you need to collect. You’ll want to issue an employee handbook and have the new hire sign an “acknowledgement” of receipt. You may have other policy and procedures documented outside of your handbook and will want the new hire to sign and date those forms as well.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list but should be help you get started. If you do not already have a new hire policy in place and would like assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact MarathonHR.

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