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Select the Right PEO for Your Business

By August 22, 2023HR, Payroll

Business Women making a PEO selection

Business owners often realize that the daily administrative tasks related to human resources (HR) have become too complex to manage or are taking up too much time.

A professional employer organization (PEO) like MarathonHR can allow you to outsource your HR functions to a “co-employer.”

In a PEO arrangement, responsibilities are shared; the business remains the “Job-Site Employer” and the PEO becomes the “Administrative Employer.” The advantage of the PEO relationship is that small- to mid-sized businesses can take advantage of the PEO’s economies of scale and have access to benefits they may not be able to create or afford on their own.

Which PEO Services Do You Really Need?

  1. A payroll provider? Payroll services include employee checks and direct deposits, tax forms and remittances, vacation and sick time tracking, reporting, and wage garnishments.
  2. Benefits management? A PEO can offer your employees benefits like 401k plans and dental and vision insurance or can manage a program you already offer.
  3. HR management? An Administrative Services Provider (ASP) will provide HR support for tasks like new employee paperwork, onboarding and open enrollment. Your ASP can also make sure you’re compliant with HR regulations and can represent you in unemployment hearings with the Department of Labor.
  4. Workers’ compensation insurance and risk management? A PEO can handle all claims management and disputes, OSHA reporting and other administrative needs related to workers’ compensation. If you have an accident or injury, simply call your PEO for help.

What Works for You?
These services are scalable. Good PEO providers, like MarathonHR, allow you to package the elements you need, such as payroll with benefits management or HR management with payroll.

An advantage to using MarathonHR’s complete PEO services is that you can participate in our multiple employer 401k plan, workers’ compensation insurance and employee benefit plans like dental and vision coverage. For small business owners, these economies of scale can yield benefits to the bottom line and to employee retention.

MarathonHR is flexible in how we structure our service offerings to meet the needs of our clients. Please contact us for a consultation.

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