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Losing HR Personnel to Business Impacts of COVID-19? Think Twice Before Automating Key Seats on the Bus

By February 17, 2021December 16th, 2022HR

While there is a lot being said about the rapid increase of automation to replace the human workforce in the face of a global lockdown, not all businesses practices are better accomplished with software rather than the thoughtful personal service of a human being. At MarathonHR, this has been a long-held tenant of our business as we routinely face and fend off “the big guys” when providing payroll and HR services to clients of all sizes.

I was reminded of this most recently when an account where a key employee was retiring also reported they were shopping other providers. Like most businesses, a change in personnel was causing them to look twice at operating procedures.

I anticipate that many businesses will be faced with some reduction in key headcount this year due either to a contraction of their business or when staff members who enjoyed working from home ultimately decide not to return to the office upon invitation. Before automatically refilling those seats on the bus, consider whether lost payroll or HR staff may provide an opportunity for process improvement.

Some key processes can be better performed with the implementation of automated cloud-based apps for reporting and tracking of routine payroll information. HR compliance and workplace safety issues may be better addressed by a human that can provide contextually appropriate guidance. Fortunately, MarathonHR offers solutions addressing both situations. Whether your business has 15, 50 or 150 employees, outsourcing some or all of your Payroll and HR processes to the high touch human beings at MarathonHR may reduce time required for hiring, training and re-training and allow you to direct the efforts of key personnel towards more complex tasks.

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