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Is It Time to Retire Your Mechanical Time Clock?

By April 12, 2018December 16th, 2022HR

“Punching the clock” has long been a euphemism for “going to work,” since it comes from the practice of personnel “punching in” by sliding timecards into a mechanical device. Salaried employees may not need to “punch in and out,” but for hourly employees, it’s the only way to measure their time and ensure they are paid accordingly. However, older mechanical time clocks aren’t always accurate and are susceptible to “buddy punching.” Additionally, processing their time cards is a labor-intensive effort that can be prone to human error.

Today, organizations have far more—and more flexible—options regarding timekeeping. A digital time clock—physical or web-based—is a more efficient and user-friendly option. It sharply reduces effort and errors, streamlines recordkeeping, and supports a wider array of employee activities.

A New Era in Timekeeping

For digital timekeeping, employers have many options. Following are a few of our favorites:

Biometric Time Clocks

These are physical, electronic devices where each employee “clocks in” using a finger print, palm print, retina scan or vein scan. Such solutions eliminate time cards, prevent “buddy punching,” and assist with the access control necessary for companies in heavily regulated industries.

Web-based (Online; Virtual) Time Clocks

Time tracking through an online portal enhances flexibility for employers. Not only can personnel clock in from any location, but also employers and payroll companies like MarathonHR can easily access the information and/or make changes.

Mobile Time Clocks

Often integrated with a web-based timekeeping portal, mobile time clocks are similar in functionality to web-based systems, but they can also provide GPS coordinates to confirm work locations. Some include additional functions, such as vacation and/or sick leave management. Personnel access the interface through a mobile “app,” which is especially handy for employees who are often on the road or in the field without ready access to a PC.

Marathon offers its customers all three of these timekeeping options. Our web-based and mobile time clocks are integrated with MarathonHR’s payroll software, and client employees can easily “clock in and out” from our specialized web portal. Such a solution expedites payroll processing and eases the workload of accounting personnel.

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