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Facial Recognition Time Clocks Maintain Healthy Workplace

By November 11, 2020December 16th, 2022HR

Biometric time clocks that use fingerprints, iris scanners or hand readers are wildly popular with organizations intent on ensuring accurate timekeeping of on-site employees.

Since the advent of the pandemic, many businesses are changing the way they manage employee time and attendance including how their employees punch in and out for work. With enhanced protocols for hygiene in the workplace, employers are looking for touchless, contact-free solutions to help protect the health and safety of their workers. New contact-free time clock systems that use face recognition for check in are well aligned with these newly adopted practices and remove hygiene concerns associated with timecards, badges, keys or the entry of pin numbers.

How do Touchless Time Clocks work?

Facial recognition time clock technology takes a picture of your employees when they clock in for work then analyzes the picture to determine if the face matches the name of the employee. If the software detects any inconsistencies, the time punch is sent for review to the company payroll administrator.

Businesses looking to take things one step further will be interested to learn that the latest facial recognition time can incorporate thermal scanning to meet business demand for both touchless authentication and employee temperature monitoring.

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