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Engaging Around Employee Engagement

By June 21, 2016December 16th, 2022HR

A hot topic in the HR industry and around our offices lately is “employee engagement.” Are your employees engaged? If not, why not? What do your employees really value?

Employee engagement is the art of listening to your employees and the science of acting on what you hear to create an environment where your staff members are raving fans of your organization. Research from Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016 reveals that nearly 20 percent of companies are “now experimenting with pulse surveys and open feedback tools” to gather employee engagement data. This is the critical listening part.

There are a variety of tools including apps and electronic surveys making their way into the marketplace. I don’t think you need anything particularly fancy to understand what your employees value, need and expect. At MarathonHR, we are working on an assessment tool for clients to use that will provide them with more insight into their employees’ level of engagement. Stay tuned for developments!

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