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A Free Tesla is One Way to Get Employees Back to the Office

By May 11, 2021December 16th, 2022HR

A Free Tesla is One Way to Get Employees Back to the Office

With vaccination rates on the rise and infections rates thankfully falling in most parts of the country, business owners are starting to rethink their 100% work from home (WFH) strategy and encourage employees to come back to the office. Whether it is for increased productivity, more opportunities for collaboration, enhanced security or even training, employers faced with a multitude of reasons why they want to get the band back together again are wrestling with the right level of carrot and stick to make it happen.

Much like blog posts we’ve written earlier this year about employers incenting employees to get vaccinated, now we’re seeing those same employers look for the right mix of incentives to get their staff back in the saddle. Gift cards, catered lunches and other new on-site perks and services are amongst the many carrots used to allure reluctant staff, but one firm stands out amongst the rest in their commitment to getting folks back into the office.

It should come as no surprise that commercial real estate data provider CoStar, an employer of 4000 in all 50 states, should be strongly motivated to demonstrate the value of working from the office. So committed are they to the task that they’ve recently come out with some astounding incentives to motivate their folks. First, there is a daily drawing for a cash prize of $10,000, then three lucky employees will enjoy free trips aboard the company jet to Barbados, and if those prizes don’t motivate folks to pick up their dry cleaning and head to work, the grand prize of a new Tesla to ride to work should do the trick!

Aren’t quite ready to cover the cost of a new ride for your employees to get to work? Deep-cleaned office spaces, more flexible schedules and workspaces, and plenty of opportunities for spontaneous celebrations of finally being back together – from birthdays to business deals to just because we care holidays – will go a long way.

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