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Workplace Safety

Rescreening Employees Protects Your Business from Unnecessary Risks

By Workplace Safety

As an employer, you may require a rigorous pre-employment screening process for a new hire. However, if you’re not regularly rescreening employees throughout their employment, you may be putting both personnel and the company at risk. Routine Workplace Screening is a Must Employers, particularly those with employees in field-based roles or jobs subject to injury, want to protect themselves from risky behavior. For example, if you have an employee driving a company car, you need…

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OSHA Deploys Aggressive New Workplace Safety Plan

By OSHA, Workplace Safety

In January, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced that it would expand surveillance for what are known as ‘instance-by-instance’ (IBI) citations. Its new enforcement plan empowers Regional Administrators and Area Directors to apply stiffer penalties for IBI citations in a way that will achieve a “deterrent effect.” This new guidance covers general industries, as well as agriculture, maritime and construction industries. Workplace Accidents Do Happen Concern about workplace safety is justified. In 2021,…

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