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Workers’ Compensation

By the Numbers: Calculating Employees for Workers’ Comp

By Employment Law, Workers' Compensation

The number of workers employed by a business is often a determinant in how certain employment laws apply. This month, we will focus on how a business should define its number of employees for the purpose of workers’ compensation (workers’ comp) requirements. Workers’ comp laws protect people who become injured or disabled while working at their jobs. They provide replacement income in the event of a workplace accident which prohibits the employee from returning to…

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Workers’ Comp Policies Should Reflect Your Current Payroll Numbers

By Workers' Compensation

Have you checked your workers’ compensation policy lately? It’s a good idea to compare your current payroll numbers against the number of employees you are covering under your policy. Rules regarding workers’ compensation insurance vary by state. In Georgia, for example, you are required by law to have workers’ comp insurance if your business has three or more employees. In any case, adequate workers’ comp coverage is a must no matter where you do business….

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How Recently Have You Update the Doctors Identified on the Worker’s Comp Physician Panel?

By Workers' Compensation

Most employers are diligent about posting their Worker’s Compensation Panel in the area of their office designated from required employee notices. Regrettably not all employers are diligent about keeping them up to date. As we addressed in our earlier post, The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Panel of Physicians: Are You Following the Rules?, inclusion of an up to date list of Physicians is one of the 12 requirements for maintaining a current Worker’s Comp Panel. Six…

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Get Your Signs Ready: Complying with the Georgia COVID-19 Pandemic Business Safety Act (GCPBSA)

By Employment Law, Employment News, News, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries

Earlier this summer the Georgia legislature came together in support of businesses to craft much-demanded legislation to protect business owners from the liability associated with claims that customers and employees contracted COVID-19 in their place of business. The Georgia COVID-19 Pandemic Business Safety Act (GCPBSA) went into effect last Friday, August 7, and expands upon language originally extended to healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. Protection is now provided for nearly all public, private, sacred or…

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What’s Involved in Allowing Your Employees to Work from Home Forever?

By Corporate culture, Withholding Taxes, Workers' Compensation

When Facebook, Twitter and others made the announcement that they were going to allow their employees to work from home forever, there was much interest from workers and employers across the country as to whether or not they could practically adopt the same approach. With the extension of Stay-at-Home orders inching through the summer, some employees are already making the hop to more comfortable digs in adjoining cities and towns. But before you allow your…

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The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Panel of Physicians: Are You Following the Rules?

By Employment Law, Risk Management & Safety, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries

Most employers are aware of the Workers’ Compensation Panel and the requirement to have it completed and posted in each office. (A Workers’ Compensation Panel lists the authorized treating physicians selected by the employer for the purposes of treating injured workers.) Unfortunately, business owners often overlook the need to maintain it. In doing so, they put their business at risk. A valid Panel of Physicians must generally meet the following conditions at all times. To provide…

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