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Risk Management & Safety

Be Prepared If Tragedy Strikes

By Employment Law, Hiring, Risk Management & Safety

This unfortunate topic is ripped from the headlines and from an email I received from a friend recently. In response to news of a workplace shooting, my friend wrote: “Disturbing – are you fully insured for this? Advice to companies as to how to handle?” Disturbing, indeed. It’s very difficult to create policies that adequately account for tragedies. However, I believe that the best insurance against problems is prevention. Could good hiring practices, background screenings,…

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Safety in the Summertime

By Risk Management & Safety

Earlier this month, I conducted a safety audit with a client and the risk manager raised a few issues that I thought would be helpful to share. The first is the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the summer months. Often, workers will remove hard hats, safety glasses and heavy, steel-toed footwear because it is so hot outside. Employers need to remind workers of the importance of protective gear and enforce their policies about…

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