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To Pay or Not to Pay? What Are the Rules Regarding Interns?

By Hiring, Interns

One question that comes up, especially in the summer, is whether interns have to be paid. The Department of Labor (DOL) has issued Fact Sheet 71 to provide employers guidance on this issue. Summer internships can be extremely beneficial for both the company and the intern. To maximize this relationship and remain compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers must pay attention to what is known as the primary beneficiary test – a…

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Summer Interns – What Compensation Does the Law Mandate?

By Affordable Care Act, Best Practices, Employment Law, Hiring, Interns, Payroll, Policies and Procedures

If you are hiring – or have hired – summer interns, are you up to date on how you need to compensate them, if at all? Traditionally, most interns worked over the summer for the experience and to build their resumes. However, unpaid internships have come under more scrutiny in recent years, not only regarding wages but also for potential benefit eligibility under the Affordable Care Act. Historical guidance, as reflected in the Department of…

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