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Employee Retention

Combat Burnout and Retain Valuable Workers with Sustainable Relief Options

By Employee Retention, Employment News

More than a year after the start of the pandemic, the nation is overjoyed to see a return to normalcy and social interactions. However, employers are finding more and more employees suffering from burnout than ever and the costs may be high. Front-line and essential workers were hit hard over the last year, working increased hours in stressful situations while the rest of the world seemed to watch from the safety of home. Now that…

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Keep Your Best Employees Content with Professional Development

By Employee Engagement, Employee Retention

In order to keep their business competitive, today’s employers need to invest in professional development of the employees they have, if they want to keep them, else they may find themselves competing for new talent in a pool where skill shortages drive costs and limit replacement options. It’s widely known that employees with ready access to professional development opportunities with their current employer boast greater productivity rates and lower turnover. Development programs not only allow…

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Multiple Employer 401(k) Plans save small to medium-sized companies money

By Benefits & Insurance, Employee Retention, News

MarathonHR offers a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) 401(k) for small and medium-sized businesses looking to save money on their retirement plans. A Multiple Employer Plan allows two or more unrelated companies to collaborate to offer their employees a 401(k) retirement plan. Recently, MarathonHR has changed the Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan provider to bring better value to all our customers.  As a reminder, all MarathonHR clients are eligible to participate in our Multiple Employer Plan together….

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Paid Time Off – a Benefit to Both Employers and Employees

By Benefits & Insurance, Best Practices, Employee Retention, Vacation Policies

Ahhh…vacation. We all love it and look forward to it. It’s not only a fun and welcome change of pace; research has found that vacations are actually really good for our health! Stress reduction, heart disease prevention, improved productivity, and better sleep are just some of the health benefits that vacation can provide. But have you ever wondered why employers would actually pay someone to take a vacation? The concept of paid vacation was started…

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When Employees Quit Unexpectedly, Do You Know Why?

By Best Practices, Corporate culture, Employee Retention, Hiring, Recruiting

Per a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, more employees are voluntarily leaving their jobs than at almost any other time this millennium. When an employee quits – especially if the individual was a valued contributor – or the person “ghosts” the firm (stops showing up with no notice), employers can feel confused and betrayed. If the organization has invested resources in the employee, such as training, the loss can be financial, as well….

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The Future of Human Resources – What Does It Look Like?

By Corporate culture, Employee Retention, Employment News, Hiring

Deloitte just debuted a fascinating study of human capital and how such innovations as artificial intelligence are altering the future of workforce hiring, training and retention. It’s definitely worth a read (or at least a browse) and site visitors can download it without providing company or personal information. “In 2019, an intensifying combination of economic, social, and political issues is forcing HR and business leaders to learn to…reinvent their organizations around a human focus,” the…

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Employer Planning Strategies for the 2018 Healthcare Laws

By Affordable Care Act, Benefits & Insurance, Employee Retention

With the ACA very much alive as we head towards the start of 2018, many employers may be adjusting their health insurance strategies. Applicable large employers—those with 50 or more FTEs—full time equivalent employees; a blended combination of full-time (30 hours per week) and part-time personnel—must provide “affordable” health insurance or face stiff penalties that are increasing again in 2018. For employers of fewer than 50 FTEs—small and midsized businesses (SMBs)—the mandate does not apply….

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Employee Benefits—Managing Them for Everyone

By Benefits & Insurance, Best Practices, Employee Retention, Hiring, Sick Leave

Employee benefits have become increasingly complicated for business owners as they struggle to address them for very different generations of workers. Baby boomers may want time off for elder care, while millennials may want extra paid vacation or flex time. Compounding the issue, workers have become increasingly willing to turn down a job offer—or even leave one company for another—to acquire the benefits package they desire. Organizations can address these concerns without negatively affecting the…

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How Engaged Are Your Employees, Really?

By Employee Engagement, Employee Retention

As 2016 comes to a close, we continue to focus on a top HR trend – employee engagement. Employee engagement is the relationship between an organization and its employee. Research reveals that 79% of businesses are worried about engagement and only 13% of employees are considered “engaged.” The president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Henry Jackson, wrote a column a few months ago about job satisfaction and employee engagement. In…

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Perks That Work

By Employee Retention, News

What are the “perks” that work to boost employee morale at your company? Namely, an HR platform, reports that paid time off garners the highest return on investment with employees. I find it a little funny that snacks are more valuable to employees than employee recognition, but free food is an amazing sociological phenomenon. Pass the pretzels!

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