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Best Practices

Save Time Next Year by Reporting Form W-2 Before the Annual January 31 Deadline

By Best Practices, Payroll

As most employers or individuals with responsibility for running payroll know, January 31 is the deadline for filing Form W-2s with Social Security as well as for distributing them to employees. What most may not consider is the importance or at least the advantage of filing those W-2 forms early. Receipt of W-2s prior to the January 31 deadline allows time for employees to review and notify their employers of inaccurate information. At MarathonHR, we…

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Guidelines for Protecting Your Business When Workers Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

By Best Practices

Last year we shared best practices from the CDC about how to minimize risk associated with persons who had been exposed. As we continue to receive calls from concerned business owners almost daily, we wanted revisit the current and always evolving recommendations. In addition to this simple to understand graphic above, we’re encouraging clients to go right to the source and download the current Georgia Department of Public Health Quarantine Guidance:

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Protect Your Business from HR Pitfalls with Our Checklist for 2021

By Best Practices, Employment Law, Hiring, Policies and Procedures, Record-keeping, Recordkeeping

A smart way to start the fiscal year is to incorporate a self-evaluation of your organization’s compliance with state and federal labor laws. This simple checklist should serve as a great starting point. A few basic areas of exploration should include: For Current Employees: Do you have an employee handbook? If so, does your handbook address the following policies: At-will employment policy, nondiscrimination policy, sexual harassment policy and confidential information policy? If your business has…

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Application of the CDC’s 6-15-48 Methodology for Determining Exposure In and Out of the Workplace

By Best Practices, Sick Leave

With the opening of schools and the re-opening of some businesses – not to mention all of the opportunities that folks had for exposure over this past Labor Day holiday weekend – an uptick in COVID infections may be part of the September forecast. As such, we thought it prudent to revisit some of the CDC guidelines first shared at the beginning of the summer and try to provide some clarification around how to legally…

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Screen Staff Daily for COVID Symptoms

By Best Practices

While no system is foolproof, among the best practices businesses are adopting are routine daily screenings of your workforce at time of business entry. Amazon hired an army of personnel whose sole responsibility was to take temperatures and survey staff about symptoms. Short of hiring staff for this hopefully short-term requirement, how should savvy business owners prepare? It is commonly accepted that there are three simple questions to address each individual: Do you have a…

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Responsible Reopening Practices for Businesses

By Best Practices, News

The latest executive order from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued on May 12 and effective May 14, 2020 states that all residents and visitors: Must continue to practice social distancing Are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings while outside their residences, except when eating, drinking, or exercising outdoors, and Must practice sanitation in accordance with the guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The order also continues to prohibit “gatherings of persons”…

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Steps to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace

By Best Practices, News, Sick Leave

With fear and uncertainty circulating about the continued spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, it’s no surprise that employers are wrestling with the best way keep employees healthy and to ensure that sick employees stay at home for as long as needed. In particular, I am concerned about industries with heavy concentrations of hourly employees – such as retail and restaurants – that could be hit worse because sick employees will still try to come…

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Employee Engagement is a Big Driver of Workplace Satisfaction

By Best Practices, Employee Engagement, Productivity

How do you define employee engagement? Is it by remembering birthdays, providing lunch to your team or recognizing accomplishments like anniversaries? Employee engagement certainly encompasses those things and hopefully makes for more cheerful employees; however, I define an “engaged employee” as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work, and takes positive actions to further the organization’s reputation and interests. Consulting giant Deloitte looked back on 2019 and made note of the…

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