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Creating a Happy Workplace Amid the ‘Big Quit’

By Employee Retention

Employers today find themselves in a rather unusual labor market. Not only is it difficult to fill open positions, employees are reportedly ‘leaving their jobs in droves,’ according to a recent CNBC article. In August alone, 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs – either leaving the workforce entirely or in search of better pay and job security. If the thought of a mass exodus of employees from your business makes you shudder, here are a…

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Hiring Out-of-State Employees to Expand Your Labor Pool Isn’t as Easy as it Sounds

By Hiring

In today’s robust labor market, it’s tempting to draw in new employees from across state lines. After all, the pandemic has shown us that many jobs can be performed remotely just as easily as in the office. However, having a workforce based in multiple states is not as easy as it sounds. There are variances in labor laws, differences in payroll tax requirements, and other factors to consider. So, what should you take into account…

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When Accidents Happen, Proper Documentation is a Must

By OSHA Regulations

It’s a fact of life – accidents happen. While it’s impossible to predict or anticipate accidents in the workplace, one thing that employers can prepare for is recordkeeping and reporting. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires most employers with 10 or more employees to keep detailed records of serious work-related injuries and illnesses. What must an employer do when an accident happens? OSHA requires that injurious accidents are recorded on a Log of…

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Student Loan Repayment Now a Tax-Free Benefit

By Employee Retention, Employment News

There has been much said about the deferral of student loan repayment provided under the CARES Act, but less attention paid to the option for employer-provided student loan repayment assistance. Both benefits have or were scheduled to expire until The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA), passed at the end of 2020, extended the CARES Act student loan provisions to allow employers to make tax-exempt loan-repayment contributions of up to $5,250 through 2025. Employers looking for…

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IRS Tax Processing Center Still Suffering Backlogs Due to 2020 Closures

By News

According to an audit published this month by the Department of Treasury, at the end of calendar year 2019, the IRS reported a carryover of 239,285 unprocessed business returns. At the end of calendar year 2020, a carryover inventory of 7,967,182 business returns was reported (a 3230% increase). Even with the promised addition (a budgeted line item for hiring) of new workers, the IRS and downstream departments are still remarkably behind. Certain systems haven’t been…

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Should Your Business Have a Vaccine Policy?

By Policies and Procedures

Between the news that Fortune 500 companies are requiring unvaccinated employees to contribute an extra $200 towards insurance premiums and the federal mandate that all workers and contractors be vaccinated, business owners are left wondering, do I need a vaccine policy? Here’s a few things we think you should consider before you proceed: Do you operate in an industry where vaccination is expected? From hospitality and healthcare to retail, most customer facing industries are finding…

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Is Your Business at Risk from COVID Fatigue?

By Corporate culture

After 18 months of living through a pandemic, COVID Fatigue has become a real and serious concern for businesses everywhere. When the experts and news media first alerted us to COVID-19 and explained that through fastidious social-distancing, mask wearing and washing of hands was key to controlling the spread, people were willing to participate in something they thought would be required for a brief period of time. Eighteen months later individuals everywhere are beginning to…

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Are you Missing Out on the Employee Retention Credit?

By Employee Retention, Payroll

With the advent of the CARES Act on March 27, 2020, most employers were so caught up in deciphering the details of the PPP program that they overlooked another payroll replacement program: The Employee Retention Credit (ERC). The ERC was intended to encourage employers to retain their employees despite a downturn in business by providing aid to employers who experienced a significant decline in gross receipts during any quarter in calendar year 2020. Originally the…

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Georgia DOL Suspends Federal Stipends, Returns to Pre-pandemic Filing Protocols

By News

Effective June 27, 2021, the Georgia Department of Labor announced they were returning to pre-pandemic, state unemployment operations. What does this mean for employees and employers? In accordance with Governor Brian Kemp and Commissioner Mark Butler’s plan for reemployment and economic recovery, Georgia will cease participation in the federal unemployment programs enacted through the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan Act effective June 27, 2021. The programs included in these Acts include the Federal…

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Time to Brush Up on Your Emergency Communications Plan

By Policies and Procedures, Risk Management & Safety

One of the lessons businesses learned with the shut down in March of 2020 was the importance of having a business continuity plan. With the recent resurgence, many business and public leaders are anticipating a return to some kind of limited operations. Between the looming unknown of COVID infections and the promise of a busy hurricane season, now is the perfect time to revisit among other things your emergency communications plans. The plans you have…

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